Adding an Epoxy Floor Coating to your Space

Your floors are one of the most important parts of your space. They offer support to nearly every other part of a building. It is important to protect them to ensure that they last for the lifetime of your property. There are many ways to do this, depending on the material that your floors are made of. One of the best ways to ensure that your floors last is to apply a floor coating through the use of an epoxy. An epoxy floor coating is normally applied to concrete floors. The epoxy coating will increase the smoothness and durability to the floor. It will also increase the ability to properly clean and maintain the floor, as spills can be easily wiped up and decontaminated.

Ensure you have the proper conditions

Epoxy floor coating needs to be applied to clean and maintained concrete floors. Before the coating can be applied, any cracks or damage much be repaired in order for the epoxy to work efficiently. It is also important to clean the concrete and remove any films, grease, or dust that may be present.

After the floors have been repaired and cleaned, a suitable temperature will need to be reached, otherwise the epoxy floor coating will not set properly and will end up with bubbles, causing it to peel later.

To prime or not to prime?

With some epoxy floor coatings, a primer and finishing coat will need to be applied as well. If these are required, it is still important to add the primer on a clean and well-maintained floor. Primer must also be applied a few hours before you intend to apply to epoxy, so that it has time to dry. Your professional epoxy floor installers will be able to assist you with your unique situation and inform you if a primer and finishing coat will be needed. You may also check the manufacturer’s notes to learn if a primer is needed.

There are a host of benefits to adding an epoxy flooring to your space. Some of the main benefits include:

Even surface that adds a professional and clean look to a space
Durable flooring that can withstand high use
Quick and easy to install
Easy to clean and low maintenance or repairs
Long lasting
Resistant to many chemicals
Cost efficient

If you would like to upgrade your space so that it can work better for you and your employees, consider adding an epoxy floor coating.

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