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Tips on How to Restore Your Concrete Floors

Concrete is a hugely popular flooring option for just about every possible residential, commercial, or industrial application. However, even a material as durable as concrete can begin to show signs of wear over time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to undertake costly repairs or new installation. Concrete is as adaptable as it is versatile. If...

Keep Your Basement Floors Protected with Concrete Sealing

Does your home have a basement? Due to seasonally frigid weather and deep frost lines, most Canadian dwellings do.

Basements are the catch-all area of the home; we use them as playrooms, family spaces, storage, or for laundry. But whatever you use your basement for, you want to know that this vulnerable space is well...


Why You Need Epoxy Installation in the Winter

During the Winter we tend to hunker down, stay indoors, and postpone most of our outdoor renovations until the Spring. Although this is the most comfortable thing to do when wintry weather starts, it could also cause some serious issues to your home’s outdoor spaces if problems are left to fester through the cold...


2 Unique Benefits of Industrial Floor Coating

Although concrete flooring was the industrial standard in Vancouver for decades, it is not sustainable on its own given its susceptibility to cracking, staining, and wear and tear from foot traffic, chemicals, and changing temperatures. Enter industrial floor coating. If you own an industrial business in the Greater Vancouver area, read on to find...


Four Common Places You Will Find Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane flooring is a common and functional application used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Though sharing some similarities to epoxy flooring, polyurethane has a higher resistance to UV and other chemicals and is softer and more flexible. Because of its flexibility, polyurethane floors expand and contract under intense temperature pressures, making cracks...


The Pros and Cons of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy is becoming an increasingly popular flooring trend thanks to its variety of colors, visual effects, and glossy attractive appearance. Metallic epoxy flooring is a two-part mixture made up of metallic mica powder and finished with a hardened resin. It can be installed over wood, tile, or concrete. Chemical reactions caused by the...


Why You’ll Love Polyurethan Flooring

Flooring in commercial facilities isn’t generally something to get too excited about, but there are exceptions, and polyurethane flooring may be one of them. Your choice of commercial flooring will have long-lasting consequences for your business, not all of them good. The wrong flooring will not only end up costing you time and money, but it...

Why Should I Get Floor Coating in Vancouver?

Concrete flooring is naturally pretty strong, but it is not the catch all solution to a durable floor in a commercial building. While it is indeed made from a very sturdy material, it is actually prone to cracking. This is not ideal when that floor is needed as a work space, you have...


How to Maintain Concrete Polished Floors

Concrete polished floors have a reputation for being durable and low maintenance while staying aesthetically pleasing, which is why polished concrete floors have gained popularity in many commercial spaces.

While polished concrete is regarded as low maintenance, that does not mean no maintenance is required. Thus, it is important to regularly clean your floors...


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