Beginner Tips: Concrete Floor Grinding is Easier Than You Think

Spring is in the air and for many people, that’s a signal for a fresh round of cleaning and decluttering. So, what better place to start than your garage? If you plan to upgrade your garage flooring system then you’re not alone.

Garage makeovers have become one of the home improvement trends in recent years and the days of low expectations for the garage are quickly fading. Installing a concrete floor coating is a great way to improve the look and function of your garage as it’s high-impact and relatively low-cost.

There are a few types of concrete coating you might want to consider. Epoxy and polyurethane coatings are both very popular options that look great and provide an added layer of protection for your concrete flooring as it’s a win-win situation. What’s more, both epoxy and polyurethane are relatively straightforward DIY projects for the frugal handyperson. But you need to get past one major obstacle first: concrete floor grinding in Vancouver.

The Case for DIY Concrete Floor Grinding in Vancouver

Before any concrete coating is installed, you need to ensure you have the proper surface smoothness on your concrete flooring. Concrete grinding not only removes any trace of existing coatings or paint that might be tacked on your concrete, but it is also crucial to the eventual adherence of the coating you’re going to lay down. Skipping this step will almost guarantee your coating won’t make it past the one-year mark. There are a few ways you can prepare your concrete surface for a coating: acid etching, sandblasting, and concrete grinding.

We’ll start with acid etching. Acid etching is the most popular DIY approach to prepping concrete surfaces, but it’s also the only one a pro would never recommend. While acid etching is better than doing nothing, it simply can’t produce the kind type of consistent results you get with mechanical methods. Peeling is also commonly reported by homeowners who’ve used an acid etching product.

Sandblasting is regularly used by professionals to prepare large surface areas for a concrete coating, but the equipment is not practical for most residential applications. That leaves concrete grinding in Vancouver.

A concrete floor grinder sort of resembles a bulky lawnmower with a large circular base. And using one is not dissimilar. These machines can be rented from most home hardware stores and come with everything you need to start grinding, namely the machine and abrasive grinding wheel (staff can help you pick the correct grit for your project).

Make sure you also pick up masks, eye protection, gloves, and a shop vac (also rentable).

Once you are set up to go, the trick to concrete grinding is to plan your path and always keep your machine moving, walking back and forth as you would when mowing a lawn. You can also help circumvent some of the dust mess by pre-soaking your slab. Concrete grinding might appear a little intimidating at first, but the process is pretty straightforward, and it will drastically improve the results of your garage floor coating application. As always, when in doubt, have a professional come check it out!

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