Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Vancouver Businesses

Running a business in Vancouver can be exciting and challenging at the same time. The benefits of being in this city are that there is a skilled workforce and plenty of business opportunities. The disadvantages include high rental costs and difficulty finding renovated buildings at an affordable price. Today, we’re going to look at one way in which you can keep costs down and upgrade your building.

Epoxy flooring in Vancouver is a coated concrete floor. There is a thick smooth finish that is poured on top of concrete, which creates a finished product that doesn’t really resemble concrete at all but still maintains many of the positive qualities associated with it.


One of the key benefits of Epoxy flooring in Vancouver is that this type of flooring is incredibly strong. The carefully mixed coating that goes on top of the concrete floor protects the concrete and is extremely durable. This flooring can withstand heavy equipment and lots of footfall without chipping or cracking. It is used in factories and warehouses where something strong is needed due to machinery being used and deliveries being housed there.


There is nothing complicated about Epoxy flooring in Vancouver. It is easy to install when you go with professional contractors like our team at Canadian Floor Coatings. It is also very straightforward to maintain. Warm water, soap and a mop will clean it, and cleaners will not need special instructions on how to care for it. Alongside this, it is resistant to staining, which is why it is so popular in the food and restaurant industry.


Canadian Floor Coatings are ready and waiting for your call. We are a local Vancouver business and we love contributing our skills and expertise in a way that assists other organizations in the city. Call us today to learn more about our Epoxy flooring in Vancouver and how it can benefit your business in terms of cost savings. With minimal maintenance, ease of installation, and practical durability, updating your building with epoxy flooring is a great solution.

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