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Epoxy Flooring is Perfect for Industrial Spaces

Industrial epoxy coatings can make for beautiful, polished, and professional-looking floors. Like many processes, the application of industrial epoxy coatings is best done by experts. When looking for the best person for the job, there are a few things to keep in mind and to look out for.

A quote and consultation are two...


Industrial Floor Coating: The Most Useful Material

Industrial concrete is known to have a long-staying power, especially when coated with a chemically bonded polymer coating. Concrete uncoated is very poured and can develop cracks causing uneven surfaces and stains. Over time if left untreated, these cracks can cause severe structural damage.

Industrial floor coatings in Vancouver ensure that concrete floors do...


Concrete Floor Coatings: An Up-and-Coming Vancouver Design Trend

Design trends often focus on aesthetic appeal over innate functionality; however, one of 2021's biggest trends offers both. Concrete floors are making an appearance in more and more Vancouver homes, which is something to get excited about.

Not Just for the Garage Anymore

Modern design has been on trend for a few years now as...


Commercial Epoxy Flooring that Suits Any Business!

Many industries can benefit from commercial epoxy flooring in Vancouver. Not only is epoxy flooring in Vancouver affordable, but also durable, protective, and strong, making it the perfect flooring for many commercial industries.

Commercial epoxy flooring can be easily customizable to suit numerous businesses. Mechanical workshops such as aircraft hangars and mechanic shops deal...


Your Guide to Choosing Garage Flooring in Vancouver

Cooler temperatures as we head into winter mean our social gatherings are moving indoors. But as many restaurants are still capping parties at 6 people, it can be tricky to accommodate everyone. Living rooms don’t provide the greatest airflow, so some homeowners are using their garages as more than just a place to park...


How to Prevent Your Epoxy Flooring from Peeling

If you are considering an epoxy coating, you’re probably already aware of the numerous benefits they provide. Epoxy flooring is durable, resistant to water and damage, extremely low maintenance, and highly cost-effective. Correctly installed by an epoxy flooring contractor, an epoxy floor can last upwards of 20 years. Few other flooring options can even...


Does Your Commercial Floor Need Coating?

Putting some care into the appearance of your commercial property could mean the difference between a simple establishment and a thriving business.

Concrete flooring is a great look for any space; it’s neutral and free of texture. Free space in the middle of a plain concrete floor looks clean and uncluttered, and a plain...

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