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Does Your Commercial Floor Need Coating?

Putting some care into the appearance of your commercial property could mean the difference between a simple establishment and a thriving business.

Concrete flooring is a great look for any space; it’s neutral and free of texture. Free space in the middle of a plain concrete floor looks clean and uncluttered, and a plain...


The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Vancouver Breweries

Vancouverites love beer and going to local breweries. With more and more breweries being started, it is important for them to have quality equipment as well as a safe and solid building to produce quality beer. Brewing beer involves a lot of heavy machinery, as well as acidic liquids ranging in temperature from very hot to...

Thinking of Putting Down a DIY Garage Floor Coating?

In terms of skill level, a DIY garage floor coating falls somewhere between painting a ceiling and building a deck – it’s not impossible, but it takes handiwork, time, and patience.

If you are thinking of applying your own garage floor coating in Vancouver, you should consider a few things first.

Your Application Will Only...


5 Signs Your Concrete Floor Needs Sealing

On its own, concrete is a hard, durable material. However, it's also porous and left unsealed, concrete is vulnerable to the elements. Concrete floor sealing provides a protective layer over your concrete, strengthening your floors and extending their lifespan.

But just like concrete itself, your concrete floor sealer will not last forever. If...


Epoxy Flooring vs Polyurethane Flooring: Which is Better?

Both polyurethane flooring and epoxy flooring are types of resin flooring. They are two of the most popular resin floorings because of their versatility and durability. Both polyurethane flooring and epoxy flooring are waterproof and protect concrete floors from damage and dirt. Epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring both have used in different environments. Polyurethane flooring is...

Why Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is Right for Your Business

Floors take a lot of use every day. They are literally the foundation of every business, home, and space. Because the floor is the surface that everything else is put on, and is the surface that supports your employees, investing in a durable one makes sense. Industrial epoxy coating in Vancouver is not just for factories...

Four Ways to Use a Concrete Floor Coating Around Your Home

Spring is here, and if your spring cleanup involves a home makeover, a concrete floor coating might be exactly what you need. An epoxy floor coating is one of the most popular types of floor coatings. It is highly customizable and can be used almost anywhere there is a concrete surface.

To get you started,...

5 Things to do Before Epoxy Installation

From industrial buildings to commercial kitchens to residential garages, epoxy flooring provides a durable and functional flooring option for users across a wide range of applications. But before epoxy installation can begin, five things need to happen.

1. Book an Appointment that Works with Your Schedule

Most interior renovation projects are disruptive, whether they are...
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