Food and Beverage Facility Flooring Solutions

Food and Beverage Facility Flooring Solutions

The Cementitious Urethane Resurfacers of Canadian Floor Coating are seamless and resistant to thermal extremes and chemicals; the Eco-ProTekt line of products is the ideal flooring solution for food and beverage processing facilities.



Safety, durability, and health issues are of primary concerns for the flooring systems installed in food and beverage plants and factories. Facilities used for food industries need flooring that is highly-durable, abrasion and chemical resistant, thermal shock resistant, and able to withstand impacts from forklifts and other heavy vehicles. It must also be certified by CFIA and other international food regulatory bodies. The surface needs to be functional, easy to clean, anti-slip, and compliant with all worker safety guidelines and regulations. Canadian Floor Coatings’ advanced generation of Polyurethane-Cement Systems, manufactured by Sika, can provide a durable, safe, and hygienic food and beverage facility flooring system Vancouver when installed on correctly prepared concrete slabs.



Commercial kitchens are places with serious health and hygiene concerns, heavy foot traffic, and frequent spillage of various liquids and food products. Considering all of these factors, commercial kitchens are constantly being inspected by relevant authorities to check for health issues. The floor surface could easily become a trouble point if not coated well, for safety and hygiene.

The Cementitious Urethane Resurfacers executed by Canadian Floor Coatings are typically used in commercial kitchens, food processing plants, wet and dry process areas, freezers and coolers, thermal shock areas, dairies, breweries, wineries, distilleries, laboratories, chemical processing plants, pulp and paper plants, warehouses, and storage areas. Cementitious Urethane Coatings are highly recommended for commercial kitchen floor coating Vancouver because they meet the requirements of CFIA and USDA for use in food plants, and they also make the floor surface:

  • Pore-free, Textured, and Non-Absorbent
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Stain-Proof
  • Anti-Slip
  • Easy to Clean
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Thermal Shock Resistant
  • Tolerant of a Wide Range of Service Temperatures





Canadian floor coatings offer in six standard colors. The approximate RAL references of the colors are:

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