Epoxy Warehouse Floor Coatings

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Epoxy Warehouse Floor Coatings

Warehouse Floor Coating Vancouver and Coquitlam

Storage facilities are meant to efficiently and resourcefully store products and goods. So, in most warehouses this means pallets of goods and products stacked on top of one another, or inserted into high shelving racks, reaching as high as the ceiling to maximize the use of vertical space. This is why the floor of the warehouse needs special and expert attention to withstand those heavy-duty activities.

Concrete is always at risk of cracks and abrasion when not sealed. Canadian Floor Coatings offers effective floor solutions from Concrete Grinding and Sealing, to Concrete Polishing, to applying layers of high-performance resinous concrete floor coating systems, such as Urethane/Epoxy over the concrete substrate. This makes the floor surface impact resistant, stain proof, dust proof, light stable (non-yellowing), highly durable, smoothly and seamlessly integrated, and also capable of withstanding impressive loads and the wear and tear of forklifts and other industrial loads.

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