Concrete Floor Grinding for Beginners

If you are new to concrete floor grinding in Vancouver, get ready to learn more about the ultimate surface preparation process! Concrete floor grinding is done using various metal and diamond blades, mounted on the bottom of large, powerful machines. These machines smoothly prepare any concrete surface for a wide variety of coatings. The right type of grinder can leave behind very smooth concrete with almost no dust, removing minor divots, roughness, pits and more from the concrete surface.

You will want to have your concrete floor grinding done by professionals who are able to help create an ideal concrete surface. They can also level uneven floors or remove adhesives or other coatings on the concrete floor.

If you are thinking of concrete floor grinding in Vancouver and want to give it a try on your own, you will probably realize very quickly that it can be a lot more complicated than it appears, with so many variables that can unexpectedly affect the final outcome.

If you are going to try this on your own, make sure you are using the correct diamond tooling with the appropriate bond hardness. This will be based on the floor you are grinding. If you use the wrong tooling, you will have nothing but problems.

Experts may throw a bit of sand onto the slab before grinding. This can be especially helpful if there is leftover sticky residue on the surface. A little sand can help open the diamond segments and be a little more abrasive.

Another pro-tip is to pre-soak the slab. This will help maintain a lower surface temperature of the concrete and tooling. This helps the diamond tools work more effectively and is a good practice in warm weather.

To get as much out of your tooling as possible, reverse the spinning direction of your heads in the grinder from time to time. This also helps prevent scratches and inconsistent wear patterns.

If you have a dust collector, leave it on a low setting so that the dust will accumulate a little bit under the grinder. This is especially true when removing sticky adhesive. As the dust and adhesive resident mix, the dust helps remove the sticky adhesive.

Concrete floor grinding in Vancouver isn’t for the full-fledged newbie. If you haven’t seen or tried it before, you should call in the experts at Canadian Floor Coatings. You can request a free site visit and quote and they will send a professional out to your property to assess your needs and determine the best fit.

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