Do You Really Need Concrete Floor Sealing in Burnaby?

Whether you have just poured fresh concrete or live in a home with existing concrete, you be wondering whether there is a need to invest in concrete floor sealing. The answer in almost every case is yes, you should absolutely have a concrete floor sealing applied to your flooring. Sealing is typically done right after newly poured concrete cures, however it’s never too late to have a sealer applied if your existing floors were never sealed. For a comparatively small cost, you can extend the life of your concrete floors, rather than having to replace or repair them prematurely.

Concrete is Naturally Porous

Concrete is very strong and quite resilient, however it is also a very porous material, which can lead to a number of problems with your flooring if it isn’t protected. Left unsealed, concrete is susceptible to staining, dirt, cracks, discolouration, and premature deterioration. Particularly in areas where moisture is present, concrete floor sealing can have a massive impact on the lifespan of your concrete.

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A Sealant Can Improve Aesthetics

Even if your concrete floors are located in a basement, workshop, or garage, appearances matter. Unfinished concrete, in addition to being difficult to keep clean, also looks just that – unfinished. There are a wide variety of chemical sealants available, and depending on which one you choose, your final product can look very close to natural concrete, or you may decide to add colour, give it a high gloss finish, make it matte, or add texture.

A Sealant Can Improve Functionality

We have already covered how concrete floor sealing can extend the life of your concrete floors and make them look better, but a sealant can also make your concrete floors perform better. A sealant blocks out everyday elements that can damage your concrete floors, thus extending their lifespan and improving their performance. Temperature fluctuations, sun, moisture, and mold can all lead to rapid deterioration and costly repairs.

Concrete Floor Sealing is Cost Effective

Often these types of decisions come down to cost, and in the case of concrete floor sealing in Burnaby, the cost benefit analysis is very simple. Pouring a new concrete floor is a big job with many steps required, and depending on location and access, can be costly. A concrete sealant, on the other hand, can be professionally applied for a fraction of that cost.

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