How Industrial Floor Coating in Vancouver Can Diversify Your Business Space

When you think of Epoxy and other floor coatings you might be picturing a boring concrete slab with a bit of a shine to it, but this couldn’t be further from the concrete facts! Industrial floor coatings can be as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable and practical. Read on to find out how industrial floor coating is a smart business move for both style and strength.

Protect your Paint Job

That’s right, the floors are the new ceilings! Murals and designs aren’t just for walls and ceilings anymore. Many commercial retail and industrial spaces are beautifying their floors with painting, graphics, and other stylistic elements to enhance the overall look of the space. Markings can also be added to flooring for functional purposes such as organizational schematics, boundary lines, and logos. Art studios can add a swirl of colour to their flooring space, daycare spaces can feature fun designs for little learners, and warehouses can delineate storage, shipping, and service areas. Protecting these design investments is an important financial move for a business owner. If you have an industrial space in Vancouver that has a specially designed floor, you may want to consider industrial floor coating in Vancouver. Sealing the floor, and your design, with the right coating, can ensure that your design stays bright and beautiful despite foot, vehicle, or furniture traffic.

Make Room for Millwork

Industrial spaces need to be flexible to keep up with ever-changing demands in business and productivity. These kinds of spaces are often subject to lots of moving millwork. Retail spaces need to arrange and rearrange shelving, displays, and tables to accommodate all sorts of inventory whether seasonal or sales based. Warehouses and showrooms see massive amounts of incoming and outgoing apparatus as well as vehicle traffic loading and unloading heavy pallets. Dragging furniture all around your business space, and constantly offloading heavy shipments can cause all kinds of unattractive scuff marks and dings, lowering the aesthetic value and sometimes the safety and function of your industrial floor space. If you have an industrial business in Vancouver, working with an expert in industrial floor coating in Vancouver can ensure that your space can withstand a constantly changing layout without sacrificing the integrity of its floors, thereby keeping your customers and employees safe.

Shake Up your Showroom

Industrial showrooms in the Greater Vancouver area need to be as flexible and diverse as the clients that rent them. Jumping from event to event, the space needs to be prepared for all sorts of foot traffic and event-specific wear and tear. Whether it’s an agricultural show from Chilliwack with a parade of ponies or an RV event from Coquitlam with 5th wheels and motorhomes on display, the flooring in your industrial space needs to be durable, strong, and easy to clean when it gets hit by everything from manure to motor oil. Many industrial spaces such as showrooms even feature outdoor areas, which are more susceptible to damage and deterioration from elements like sunlight and moisture. Installing your flooring in a strong material like concrete is a great first step. But making sure that that concrete floor stays strong by having it sealed is even more important.

If you want your industrial space in Vancouver to be as flexible and accommodating as it can be to increase clientele, then consider strengthening and expanding the usage of your floor by working with a professional in industrial floor coating in Vancouver, because bolstering your industrial business does start from the ground up.

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