How to Choose a Garage Floor Coating Company in Vancouver

When looking for garage floor coating in Vancouver, there may be a lot of different providers from which to choose. It’s important to consider which company will offer you the best product, experience, warranty, and price.

Some garage floor coating companies claim to be experts at everything. They strive to be the best at flooring, cabinets, closets or storage systems and often miss the mark on several categories, including floor coatings. At Canadian Floor Coatings, we focus on one thing, the most durable, up-to-date concrete floor coating in Vancouver. By focusing on what we do best, we have the ability to stay current in our industry, offering clients the best possible solution for their unique needs and budgets.

When looking for a floor coating company in Vancouver, it’s important to recognize that our region can face some unique weather challenges. Companies with a head office in California or Arizona might not have products that are suited to our climate, as they live in an area where the temperature is fairly consistent. In Vancouver, we deal with a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. It can be freezing and snowing one day, and then warm up and turn to rain the next. With weather that fluctuates, it is important to ensure that the coating systems applied will work well. For example, for garage floors, Canadian Floor Coatings utilizes a new generation of fast-curing, polyaspartic material that can be applied at temperatures as low as -20°F/-29°C.

Comparing the amount of time a business has operated in the floor coating industry is another important part of choosing a garage floor coating company in Vancouver. Avoid businesses that haven’t been around for very long, as they might not have the experience necessary for the job. You will also want to consider how useful a warranty would be if the company doesn’t last very long after completing your flooring. Instead, find a business that has been doing garage floor coating in Vancouver for several years and is able to offer the benefits that come with having a long-term business. For example, knowing the best coating vendors, testing coatings, and receiving key industry insight are all important assets when choosing a company.

The last step when choosing a company that does garage floor coating in Vancouver is to find a business that listens to your needs. Assessing the right tools for the job will mean the company should listen to your flooring needs and requirements.

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