How to Maintain Concrete Polished Floors

Concrete polished floors have a reputation for being durable and low maintenance while staying aesthetically pleasing, which is why polished concrete floors have gained popularity in many commercial spaces.

While polished concrete is regarded as low maintenance, that does not mean no maintenance is required. Thus, it is important to regularly clean your floors to keep them safe, dry, and in good condition. The following article will guide you through maintaining your concrete polished Burnaby floors.

Sweep and Scrub Regularly

Polished concrete is easy to maintain due to its high durability. Sweep and scrub your floors daily using a microfibre cloth/mop, as this is most of the maintenance work needed. Soils and dirt are abrasive and can ruin the clarity and shine of polished concrete. However, high-traffic areas may need more attention, as these floors are prone to heel scuffs, spills, and other soils. Always use clean water and clean mops if you choose to mop your floor wet. Use an automatic floor scrubber with a nonabrasive pad to clean large areas. A mop and bucket can be used in smaller cleaning areas.

Choose the Correct Cleaning Solution

When choosing the correct cleaning solution for your concrete, it is essential to note that concrete is a reactive surface, meaning you may need to change the cleaning solutions used in your floor scrubber. Cleaning solutions made for polished concrete are different than those created for wax floors; thus, acidic, or high alkaline products may damage your polished concrete.

Clean Spills Quickly

While polished concrete is generally resistant to spills, it may still be prone to some liquid damage. If spills are left for too long on polished concrete, they can leave stains or eat away at the floor’s protective finish. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you clean any mess on the floors as soon as possible. However, if your concrete polished Burnaby flooring, does become damaged, it can be maintained by Canadian Floor Coatings.

Use Proper Polished Concrete Cleaning Tools

To ensure your polished concrete is always in prime condition, you must use the proper tools best fit for the job to clean and maintain it. Stone care solutions such as Diamabrush’s chemical-free polishing system and Trizact’s Stone Floor Protection System can help ensure floors are smooth, shiny, and bright and extend your floors' life. These tools can be used alongside standard floor scrubbers, meaning staff or you will not have to learn to operate with a new piece of equipment.

Apply A Protective Coat

Polished concrete is completed by applying a sealer, which will wear down over time. Wearing down the seal will make your floors look duller and make them vulnerable to stains or etching. Occasionally, the sealer needs to be reapplied to maintain the floor’s shine and protection.

Polished concrete is easy to maintain and can be an attractive floor type for many commercial applications if maintained well.

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