Make Sure Your Warehouse Flooring is Commercial Flooring in Vancouver

When you own a commercial lot with a warehouse on it, you know that it has be constructed with exceptional quality in order for your business to succeed. That means everything must be commercial grade, including the flooring. Today we are going to look at some of the benefits of concrete commercial flooring in Vancouver, and why it will work for your business.


Commercial flooring in Vancouver is stronger than regular flooring. You already have an idea of how strong and durable concrete is, but when you coat it with a special mix, such as epoxy, decorative quartz, or polyurethane you are making it immensely stronger. This is ideal for a warehouse that has a lot of footfall, houses heavy equipment and machinery, and has light vehicles like forklifts driving around inside.

Slip Resistant

Commercial flooring in Vancouver can come in a range of finishes, depending on your business needs. It can be smooth and shiny if it serves as a space for customers and clients, or else have a textured finish to prevent slipping and sliding. A representative from Canadian Floor Coatings can assess you needs and help you choose what type of finish is best for your warehouse.

Excellent Value

Commercial flooring in Vancouver will protect the concrete floors that are already there. This means that it will not chip or crack, which would cost you more in the long run when you have to call in for repairs. A good business owner knows the value of a long-term investment and this is precisely what commercial flooring in Vancouver is.

For more information on these types of floors, have a look at the types of flooring that we provide on our website. We have a range of commercial flooring in Vancouver materials and will happily discuss these and any further information that you need when you contact a member of our team. We understand that heavy duty activities need highly resistant flooring and that is exactly what we will provide to our clients, to help their business and warehouse succeed.

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