Concrete shot blasting

Concrete shot blasting

This process is one of the more preferred methods of surface preparation using a mechanical means. Steel Shot Blast Machines are designed to simultaneously clean and profile the concrete surface as it blast’s in narrow to wide strips depending on the size of the Blasting Machine. A Steel Shot Blast Machine is designed not only to clean and profile the concrete surface but to remove thin film coatings, concrete laitance (soft concrete) and additional surface contamination that my later interfere with the bonding of a particular coating.

The way a Steel Shot Blaster works is by throwing various size steel shot or grit at a high velocity on to the concrete surface, then once the shot makes impact with the concrete surface it bounces back up through a retrieval shoot where it then drops down into a shot collection try. Gravity allows the steel shot to continually drop onto high speed impeller where it once again it impacted and thrown back to the concrete surface. During this process the shot is separated from the concrete dust which is pulled into a powerful vacuum system through a series of dust collection filters.

This method of surface preparation is economical, dust free, dry (no water needed) and offer high production capabilities. Steel Shot Blast Machines are the equipment of choice for surface preparation on Bridge Decks, Parking Decks, Large Industrial or Manufacturing Plants, Air Port hangers, Major Food Distribution Centers or any large or small concrete surface requiring high speed surface preparation and profile.

Steel Shot Blasting Advantages

  • Ability to get high square footage production rates
  • Walk behind, ride-on or diesel machines with wide blast patterns
  • Eco-Friendly, no chemicals or water required
  • Contains dust, and other contaminants
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