Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Vancouver

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Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Vancouver

Floors in industrial and commercial environments are exposed to high loads of traffic of different types, ranging from light foot traffic, to heavy-duty multi-ton forklifts. Also, depending on the industry type, a wide range of objects can damage the floor surface by falling or being dragged on the floor. Medium and heavy-duty industrial epoxy flooring solutions make it hard for a floor to be easily damaged or scratched during daily uses of the area.

Nowadays, most business owners and manufacturing directors save thousands of dollars on floor maintenance costs every year by installing the right lifetime industrial and commercial epoxy flooring systems for their facilities and stores.

At Canadian Floor Coatings, we supply and install a wide range of Industrial and Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Vancouver, specially designed for industrial facilities and commercial stores throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

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