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Sahali Ridge Estates Parkade Floor (30,000 sq.ft)

Sahali Ridge Estates, 30,000 Square feet of parkade done by Canadian Floor Coatings Ltd. Canadian Floor Coatings offers a variety of high-performance Traffic Coating Systems designed for parkade suspended slabs and slab on grades. We have a long term relationship with well recognized manufacturers, such as: BASF, Tremco, Sika, Tenant, etc....

Showroom Clear Urethane Coating (4,000 SQ.FT)

The most economic and fast performing alternative for a Polished Concrete, the Polyurethane Clear Coating System by Canadian Floor Coatings gives you a floor with the natural look of concrete, protected by a low odor/low VOC, durable, chemical resistant, aliphatic, satin urethane topcoat.

NRG Consulting Office in Surrey (3,000 SQ. FT)

Polyurethane ClearCoating Systems offered by Canadian Floor Coatings are nearly twice as thick as an acrylic sealer and provide a shiny or matte natural concrete look which is designed to protect the concrete surface. Compared to all polished concrete grades, this system is cost-effective, performed faster, and results in the exact same look. Urethane is a low odor/low VOC, durable, Continue Reading
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