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Panorama Office Park in Surrey (3,000 sq.ft)

Concrete Grinding and Urethane Coating System by Canadian Floor Coatings is a cost-effective and ideal solution for offices and any indoor area that you wish to have a natural fresh concrete look as a durable easy to clean floor!

Ross Chocolates in Port Coquitlam (4,000 sq.ft)

Industrial Grade Cementitious Urethane Coating by Canadian Floor Coatingsis highly efficient for food processing plants, chemical storage areas, warehouses, chemical plants, and food preparation areas. Advantages: Medium Duty Thermal Shock Resistant High Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Seamless Impact Resistant Highly Durable Anti-Slip Easy to Clean

Cannabis Facility in Port Coquitlam (4,000 sq.ft)

Industrial Epoxy / Urethane Floor Coating Systems by Canadian Floor Coatings are commonly used and highly efficient for heavy traffic factories and production areas, cannabis and brewing facilities, warehouses, food and beverage industries, and dairy processing plants, which meets the requirements of CFIA.

Gharcha Meat Shop in Surrey (2,000 sq.ft)

Purcem-Polyurethane Cement System by Canadian Floor Coatings combines the most demanding performance characteristics, including resistance to impact, abrasion, aggressive chemicals, and thermal shock. For areas where both cleanliness and durability are crucial, a Polyurethane Cement Flooring System delivers absolute reliability.

Cannabis Facility in Langley (8,000 sq.ft)

SIKAFLOOR Purcem/Cementitious Urethane System by Canadian Floor Coatings is designed to be applied for the following environments: Food and beverage processing plants and distilleries Chemical processing plants and refineries Containment areas Dairies and milk processing facilities Freezers and coolers Fryer areas Heavy duty manufacturing facilities Industrial and commercial kitchens Meat, fish and poultry packing plants Warehouses
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