Garage Flooring and Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Garage Flooring and Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Canadian Floor Coatings’ SIKAFLOOR Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating System is one of the toughest and most enduring floor coating systems on the market. Not only does it fully protect your garage floor, it can quickly transform your damaged, boring, and unattractive cement into a professional looking floor that is beautiful and functional. And since the garage is fast becoming more than just a place where you park a car, the benefits of garage floor urethane coating have quickly made it one of the top flooring choices for garage flooring Vancouver today.

Make your garage a space that can do more for you and protect the floor too.  Contact us for garage floor coating Vancouver.

Decorative Flake Chip floor Coating

Color flakes make resinous flooring as beautiful as it is practical and cost-effective

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