What Concrete Coating is Right for Your Workspace?

Concrete coating is a solid investment when it comes to your workspace. It increases the durability of the floor and therefore reduces upkeep. It can also be used to beautify the floor, since it can come in a variety of stains and patterns. Concrete coating is also not a one size fits all deal. There is a different coating for different needs. It will be a good idea for you to look into the different kinds of coating available. Do you have a manufacturing facility floor that needs upgrading, or is your business more of a retail space that needs a different kind of floor. Before you think of making any kind of investment, ask the question, “What concrete coating is right for your workspace?”

For a busy manufacturing floor that sees plenty foot traffic and dollies and shelves and machinery, you might need a tough, durable coating and not worry so much about the esthetic. Epoxy floor coating or a good polyaspartic floor coating is a good choice. Along with its toughness, it will also cover up previous problem areas and imperfections in your manufacturing floor.

Is your workspace more of a retail space that serves as a showroom for your products?Then maybe a nice decorative epoxy is what is called for in your space. This gives you the option of using metallic dispersing flakes for a nice decorative touch that will also hide any previous imperfections or flaws that you might have to deal with. If flaws are not something you have to worry about, then just go for a nice clear coating that will give your space a lovely timeless look.

If the environment is an important factor when asking the question “What concrete coating is right for your workspace?” maybe look into mechanically polished concrete flooring. This option is not only green,but is also a lovely, glossy concrete floor. All that with low chemical emissions.

The point is that concrete coating is not as simple as pour and polish. You have to do your research and ask the right questions. Maybe even get some experts in to look at your space and give you insight in what will work for you. If you call Canadian Floor Coatings you can get help answering the question, “What concrete coating is right for your workspace.”

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