What is the Difference Between Polymer, Polyurethane, or Polyaspartic Floor Coatings?

You will be forgiven to ask the question, what is the difference between polymer, polyurethane or polyaspartic floor coatings? The fact is that there are plenty of differences. So, let’s dive in and talk about the differences between these three floor coating options. This will help you make an informed decision when picking your next floor coating.

Polymer coating is the substance that the floor coating is made out of. This hard chemical compound is ideal for floor coating, as it is heat resistant, moisture resistant, and can handle plenty of foot traffic. It is also resistant to most bacteria and can bring a lovely aesthetic to your floor. This is why polymer is a good choice of floor coating for your home or business. Now you just need to learn what kind of polymer you need. So when it comes to polymer, there are polyurethane and polyaspartic floor coatings, so what’s the difference?

Do you want flexible, yet impact resistant? Then polyurethane is the way to go. This is the most popular kind of polymer coating,because of its flexibility, and there is no skimping on toughness. This is a coating choice that will absolutely be able to take all foot traffic that you might demand from it. However, this is not the only mix when it comes to polymer floor coating. If you are in the market for something extremely tough, then you can find it in a polyaspartic floor coating. Polyaspartic floor coating is a mix of polymer that is quick to set and is very hard. It is fast drying, so it is quick to install and its hardness makes it perfect if the area in which you needfloor coating will have plenty of foot traffic or heavy equipment stored on it.

If you are still asking what’s the difference between polymer, polyurethane, or polyaspartic floor coating, then you can call on Canadian Floor Coating LTD. They have made floor coating their business for a long time and can answer any and all questions you might have about the many different kinds of polymer flooring choices. Make them your next call for your flooring needs.

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