What Types of Finishes Are Available for Epoxy Flooring in Vancouver?

Those who own a large commercial space that has a lot of traffic, in terms of both footfall and vehicles, know that you can’t beat epoxy flooring. This specialized floor coating is used in industries across Vancouver, from the food industry, to manufacturing, to healthcare.

You probably know all of the great benefits associated with epoxy flooring in Vancouver, such as the fact that it is extremely durable and can fill cracks in existing flooring. It is also very cost saving, as it is great value for the money to begin with, and the lack of required maintenance and incredible durability mean that repairs or replacements won’t be necessary down the line.

Today, we are going to look at another aspect of epoxy flooring and let you know what type of finishes are available.

Anti-Slip Flooring Solution

Having textured epoxy flooring in Vancouver means that slipping is less likely to occur. Whether it’s machinery or people, sometimes having a super smooth floor can be somewhat hazardous, so anti-slip texture is essential in certain situations. The texture that is installed can be coarse, medium or fine, depending on your building’s or business’ needs.

Decorative Chips or Decorative Quartz

For those looking to upgrade the appearance of their flooring, this can still be done while using an epoxy coating. There are some fantastic decorative options out there, such as decorative chips and quartz. These provide a very attractive finish and look particularly great in offices or stores.

Different Colours

Epoxy flooring in Vancouver doesn’t need to be a neutral shade. We can develop epoxy flooring for your property in any shade that you like so it will fit in seamlessly with its surroundings no matter what colour they are and project a high sheen which gives the impression of a clean, well-maintained building.

The type of epoxy flooring finish that you choose can be chosen based on appearance or for practical reasons. However, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other and can enjoy a textured finish in any colour you like, if that’s what you require out of your flooring.

Get in touch with our team at Canadian Floor Coatings Ltd and we will be happy to discuss Epoxy flooring finishes with you. We service clients all over the Metro Vancouver region and have many satisfied customers across various industries.

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