5 Reasons Why You Should Install an Industrial Floor Coating

When you work in an industrial setting, it can be easy to ignore things that are often perceived to be aesthetic in nature, such as flooring. However, the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” does not apply to concrete flooring – even if your floors are functional, they may not be safe if you don’t have the right type of industrial floor coating protecting them. Here are 5 reasons why your concrete floor coating matters:


Concrete is naturally porous and prone to cracking. Moisture penetration is one of the biggest reasons that concrete fails, however by applying a concrete floor coating you can prevent moisture from seeping into your floors, prolonging their life and creating a safer work environment. They are perfect for heavily trafficked areas and buildings occupied by heavy machinery.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

After an initial investment, industrial floor coatings will reduce your business’ overall maintenance expenses. Epoxy coated floors are highly durable, extremely easy to clean, and require very little in the way of maintenance. Once applied, you can expect your industrial floor coating to last 20 plus years. Cleaning is simple, the only thing a concrete floor coating needs to stay clean is a quick pass with a mop or broom.

Safe Work Place Solutions

The industrial floor coating is vital to creating a safe workplace for you and for your employees. Industrial floor coatings create a safe work place by providing a smooth flooring surface, free from cracks or dips. Additive options are available to suit nearly every industrial or commercial setting, from anti-slip to anti-microbial, to waterproof and stain proof, and even the option for painted signal lines; there are options to satisfy any requirements.

Low Cost

When compared to other types of resistant commercial or industrial flooring options, a concrete floor coating is very cost effective, both in terms of initial time and cost outlay for the product and installation, and in terms of future maintenance requirements.

They Also Look Great

While aesthetics are far from the only reason to have an industrial floor coating installed, your business will benefit from the added visual appeal. Concrete floor coatings are highly customizable with a wide range of colour and additive options. Employees and employers alike will benefit from working in a crisp, clean looking environment. Logos can also be added for extra visual interest.

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