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Do You Really Need Concrete Floor Sealing in Burnaby?

Whether you have just poured fresh concrete or live in a home with existing concrete, you be wondering whether there is a need to invest in concrete floor sealing. The answer in almost every case is yes, you should absolutely have a concrete floor sealing applied to your flooring. Sealing is typically done...


5 Reasons Why You Should Install an Industrial Floor Coating

When you work in an industrial setting, it can be easy to ignore things that are often perceived to be aesthetic in nature, such as flooring. However, the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” does not apply to concrete flooring – even if your floors are functional, they may not...


Consider Concrete Polishing in Burnaby

Concrete floors have had a bad reputation in the past. The conventional wisdom is that concrete is boring and lifeless. It is also seen as cold. This is why people don’t seem to think it can be a good fit for their homes. These are, of course, misconceptions. Concrete floors can be amazing in your...

Why Should I Get Floor Coating in Vancouver?

Concrete flooring is naturally pretty strong, but it is not the catch all solution to a durable floor in a commercial building. While it is indeed made from a very sturdy material, it is actually prone to cracking. This is not ideal when that floor is needed as a work space, you have...


Concrete Repair Coquitlam

The word concrete makes you think of durability and stability and solid foundations. This is why you are proud to have it in your home or business building. It makes great walls and it makes great floors and walkways and steps and whatever else needs a sturdy strong surface. As durable as it...


What Concrete Coating is Right for Your Workspace?

Concrete coating is a solid investment when it comes to your workspace. It increases the durability of the floor and therefore reduces upkeep. It can also be used to beautify the floor, since it can come in a variety of stains and patterns. Concrete coating is also not a one size fits all...

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