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Tips on How to Restore Your Concrete Floors

Concrete is a hugely popular flooring option for just about every possible residential, commercial, or industrial application. However, even a material as durable as concrete can begin to show signs of wear over time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to undertake costly repairs or new installation. Concrete is as adaptable as it is versatile. If...

Keep Your Basement Floors Protected with Concrete Sealing

Does your home have a basement? Due to seasonally frigid weather and deep frost lines, most Canadian dwellings do.

Basements are the catch-all area of the home; we use them as playrooms, family spaces, storage, or for laundry. But whatever you use your basement for, you want to know that this vulnerable space is well...


Why Should I Get Floor Coating in Vancouver?

Concrete flooring is naturally pretty strong, but it is not the catch all solution to a durable floor in a commercial building. While it is indeed made from a very sturdy material, it is actually prone to cracking. This is not ideal when that floor is needed as a work space, you have...


Do You Really Need Concrete Floor Sealing in Burnaby?

Whether you have just poured fresh concrete or live in a home with existing concrete, you be wondering whether there is a need to invest in concrete floor sealing. The answer in almost every case is yes, you should absolutely have a concrete floor sealing applied to your flooring. Sealing is typically done...


How You Can Enhance the Look of a Plain Concrete Floor

Whether you are building or renovating your structure, updating the floor is a great way to enhance your space. While there are plenty of options, one trend that’s been taking off over the last few years is choosing a simple concrete floor. Whether it be for the kitchen or the garage, a concrete floor...


Concrete Floor Coatings: An Up-and-Coming Vancouver Design Trend

Design trends often focus on aesthetic appeal over innate functionality; however, one of 2021's biggest trends offers both. Concrete floors are making an appearance in more and more Vancouver homes, which is something to get excited about.

Not Just for the Garage Anymore

Modern design has been on trend for a few years now as...


5 Signs Your Concrete Floor Needs Sealing

On its own, concrete is a hard, durable material. However, it's also porous and left unsealed, concrete is vulnerable to the elements. Concrete floor sealing provides a protective layer over your concrete, strengthening your floors and extending their lifespan.

But just like concrete itself, your concrete floor sealer will not last forever. If...


Four Ways to Use a Concrete Floor Coating Around Your Home

Spring is here, and if your spring cleanup involves a home makeover, a concrete floor coating might be exactly what you need. An epoxy floor coating is one of the most popular types of floor coatings. It is highly customizable and can be used almost anywhere there is a concrete surface.

To get you started,...

Choosing the Best Concrete Floor Coating for Your Space

Selecting the right concrete floor coating for your commercial or industrial space is much different than choosing the right flooring for a home or small retail outlet. While aesthetics may still be important, the primary concern for these types of spaces is providing protection to the concrete slab from impact, thermal shock, chemical...

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