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Industrial Floor Coating: The Most Useful Material

Industrial concrete is known to have a long-staying power, especially when coated with a chemically bonded polymer coating. Concrete uncoated is very poured and can develop cracks causing uneven surfaces and stains. Over time if left untreated, these cracks can cause severe structural damage.

Industrial floor coatings in Vancouver ensure that concrete floors do...


Does Your Commercial Floor Need Coating?

Putting some care into the appearance of your commercial property could mean the difference between a simple establishment and a thriving business.

Concrete flooring is a great look for any space; it’s neutral and free of texture. Free space in the middle of a plain concrete floor looks clean and uncluttered, and a plain...


Perfect Commercial Floor Coating

You are a business owner. This is a sense of pride for you and with good reason. Owning and operating a business is not for everyone. It can be extremely stressful, even if the business is doing well. In these strange times, when no one knows what will happen from one day to the...


Best Floor Coating Option for High Traffic Area

This has not been a good year for most people, and it has been especially tough on small businesses. However, the government has been doing what it can to try to help small business during these tough times. Depending on where you live, there are grants in place to help keep small businesses afloat....


Choosing the Most Cost Effective Industrial Floor Coating

Choosing flooring for your industrial space will have ramifications for many years to come; choose the right one and you can be worry free for 20+ years, chose the wrong one and you may be losing time and money on unnecessary repairs. For high-traffic industrial spaces, an industrial floor coating applied over-top...


Flooring for Your Commercial Space

A lot goes into the planning and design of your commercial space, and one of the most important decisions you will make is your choice of flooring. Your choice of flooring needs to be more than just aesthetically pleasing, it needs to be durable, cost-effective, and safe. Commercial epoxy flooring in Vancouver has...


Commercial Floor Coating Vancouver

Now that you have a good location for your business, you know the first thing the client or customer is going to want to see is that you have a presentable set up at that location. Be it a warehouse or a storefront, or a combination of both, you need a good commercial...

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