What Is Epoxy Coating And Whyis It The Right Choice For Your Commercial Space?

When it comes to flooring options for your commercial space there is no shortage of options from which to choose. While your choice of flooring will largely depend on the use of your commercial space, some factors remain the same; you need a flooring material that is safe, durable, easy to maintain, and depending on your budget, affordable. Epoxy Coating in Vancouver checks all these boxes and could be exactly what you are looking for to use in your space.

What is an epoxy coating?

An epoxy coating is a thermosetting resin that is applied directly over an existing or recently installed concrete floor. After the concrete floor is thoroughly cleaned and any cracks, chips or uneven surfaces are repaired, the epoxy resin is applied. The epoxy is a two-part liquid mixture that is mixed together and then applied directly on top of the concrete the floor using a roller or pin, and then left to cure. As several factors can negatively affect the curing process, leading to bubbles forming underneath the surface or peeling of the topcoat, it is recommended that the installation of an epoxy coating in Vancouver be done by to a professional.


Once fully cured, an epoxy floor coating provides a smooth and seamless finish, making it the perfect flooring options for areas of high foot or machine traffic. Additions to the mixture are available to give the surface anti-slip or anti-microbial finishes, making an epoxy coating a great choice for gyms, commercial kitchen, or labs.


An epoxy coating, once cured, becomes an impermeable, heat and chemical resistant surface. But not only is the surface impervious to staining, heat, and spills, it also acts as a protective layer over the concrete, saving your floors from cracking or chipping. Properly applied, an epoxy coating in Vancouver can last upwards of 20 years, making it a cost saving, lasting investment.

Low Maintenance

Once applied, there is little to no maintenance required to keep your epoxy coated floors looking great. Because the coating acts as a barrier,the concrete is not porous and prone to absorbing hard to clean spills. Regular cleaning is enough to keep your floors looking new.


Compared to other types of commercial flooring, an epoxy coating in Vancouver is very affordable. Not only will you save on cleaning and maintenance costs, but the initial cost of installation is very competitive.

If you are looking for a safe, easy to care for, affordable flooring option, then it might be time to consider an epoxy floor coating in Vancouver.

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