How to Choose a Epoxy Flooring in Vancouver

If you have a large concrete floor, you should consider epoxy flooring in Vancouver. This is an amazing substance and can add years to your floor’s life. When you chose a concrete floor, you did the right thing. Concrete is a great base for any floor you might want for your workshop, home, or business, but to take it just that extra step further, you should consider epoxy flooring. The benefits of adding this to your existing floor or a floor you are considering installing will make all the difference to your floor. It is exactly what you need. Epoxy flooring can be poured over existing concrete floors, but it can also be the final step you take when installing a new floor. Epoxy is poured over a floor to give it a smooth look and you can even get it in different designs or colours. This makes it perfect for commercial spaces, as it isn’t just durable, but attractive too. Here are some other reasons to consider epoxy flooring in Vancouver.

Hygienic: Because it is poured, it is a smooth floor without any cracks, grooves, or seams. This means fewer places for dirt and other things to hide and with minimal effort, you will have a spotless floor, free of germs.

Safe: Epoxy is a non slip surface. This means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your staff and customers as they walk on your epoxy floor.

Chemical Resistant: We talked about how it is easy to clean, but it is also a chemical resistant. This makes a great flooring choice if you work in a place where there is a chance of a chemical spill.

These are the benefits of the Epoxy flooring in Vancouver. Here are some businesses that might benefit from having this flooring.

Gyms: Epoxy flooring is great if you have indoor courts because of its non slip quality. It is also a good flooring to have in a weight room since it is such a durable substance. Because it is easy to clean it can take all the spills and sweat that occur during a busy day at a gym.

Commercial Kitchens: Since epoxy holds up well in extreme heat it, it can handle the kitchen. Also not sauce or cooking oil will be a match for its water and chemical resistant qualities.

Canadian Floor Coating will be happy to help you find out what epoxy flooring can do for you and your space.

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