Things you Might Not Haven Known About Epoxy Floors

Unless you are a professional working in floor coatings, there are some surprising uses for epoxy floors and coatings you may not have ever considered. Emerging design trends have recently seen epoxy floors move from commercial and industrial buildings into retail and even residential spaces. But there are some even more surprising uses for epoxy flooring in Vancouver.

Residential Applications

Epoxy flooring in Vancouver has residential applications besides for use in the garage. Thanks to its versatility and customizability, epoxy flooring has found its way into kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and recreation areas. Epoxy flooring in Vancouver is available in a surprisingly larger number of colours and finishes, from high gloss to matte and everything in-between. It is even possible to replicate finishes such as wood,stone, marble or granite, making it a beautiful flooring option at a fraction of the cost. Seamless in its application and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is perfect for high traffic areas that that see the most action, and the most dirt and spills.

Great for Outdoor Use

The same attributes that make epoxy flooring in Vancouver a great choice for commercial spaces - its durability and impermeability – make it a great choice for many types of outdoor spaces. From pool surrounds, to walkways and decks, epoxy flooring in Vancouver is the perfect option to finish an outdoor space and protect it from the wet weather Vancouver is so well known for. And forget worrying about slips and falls; a granular additive provides a safe walking surface even in the worse of weather.

Epoxy Flooring Can Be Applied to Many Types of Surfaces.

While most people are aware that epoxy flooring can be applied over concrete, that’s not the only surface which can be used as a base for epoxy flooring in Vancouver. If properly prepared, an epoxy coating can be applied over a number of surfaces, including metal, tile, laminate, MDF board, and glass, among others. The most important step however in all applications of epoxy flooring, is in taking the time to properly prepare the surface to be covered. Incorrect application will lead to an inferior product that will not last.

The potential uses for epoxy flooring in Vancouver are limited only by our imaginations. Versatile enough for outdoor use, while still beautiful enough to give an indoor space a little wow factor.

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