Provider of Epoxy Flooring in Coquitlam

It is a new year and it is time to think about revamping your floors. If you have a concrete floor in your home or business, you need to find a provider of epoxy flooring in Coquitlam. This amazing flooring can add years to the lifespan of any concrete floor. It will also make your floor much more resistant to chemical spills and it is extremely durable too. Not only is epoxy flooring strong, it can also have a lovely aesthetic, so no matter what your flooring needs, finding a provider of epoxy flooring in Coquitlam is a great first step in upgrading your concrete floors.

Epoxy is a special kind of flooring that is created by mixing specific chemicals and polymers together. The new substance that is created due to this chemical bond is what creates a very durable flooring that makes epoxy so sought after in buildings with concrete floors. Concrete floors with no coating are quite vulnerable to cracks and other types of damage; with epoxy flooring, your concrete floor will become stronger than it has ever been. This is great news if the area where you are going to be pouring your epoxy is an area where you store racks loaded with heavy stock or other items.

Another great thing about epoxy flooring, is just how resistant it is. It can endure almost any kind of spill. Oil and bleach are no match for this flooring, and that is why it is used places like automotive garage shops and restaurant kitchens. The fact that it is resistant to most chemicals also makes it a very sanitary choice for your business. As it is poured over concrete floors, epoxy doesn’t have any seams or grooves where dirt and dust can hide. This quality also makes it a very desirable flooring for fitness facilities.

All this durability and chemical resistance is great, but what makes epoxy amazing is the fact that you can have your choice of aesthetic. This means that if you have a nice store front or showroom that needs new flooring, you can get the tough reliable epoxy in a colour or design that complements your space.

These are just some of the great qualities of epoxy flooring. You will probably want to know more about it before making up your mind. Contact Canadian Floor Coatings and let’s discuss your flooring needs and whether epoxy flooring in Coquitlam is the right thing for you.

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